How does she come across me


How does she come across me  (2014) , 90 x 70 cm , oil on canvas

How does she come across me?

I can tell a story of a young girl who came from underwater in this picture. So, inspired by a dream that I dreamt in my real life long time ago.

The body of a young man sank into the vortex. He fell into underwater of the lake, where the mystery lies a city called. Underwater, there are the habitats of Naga (mythical serpent-like creatures). Also known as the daughter of the Phaya Naga on the one that is known as the princess of Naga . She was found the young dead man. Turn out to be pity, she had to find a way to help -all of the rituals of the serpent to revive the young man back. And then, a miracle is born When the young man really survived. It’s like a new life for him. He lived deep the princess of Naga and Nagas’ citizens.Until Naga princess fell in love him. She asked the young man married to be a partner of the deep well. He also accepted the request. However, the story came with a Twist before the wedding of them. When the young man realized that he was supposed to return humans to live as human beings used to be. So he decided to break away from the underwater world to find his way back to the human world. Where no one knows that he had leaved. Being aware of him, the princess was gutted. She ordered to search across the city, but no one found. Finally She went out of the city. To find the young man that she has been loved…

Now I’m in human world, I think I am that young man. So, likely she’ s coming to me.


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